Below are some common problems you might want to check before sending your device into us.

Console not powering on?

If you're getting no lights on your console it may be your power lead is faulty. Try using a friend's to see if this solves the issue.

4-Red Lights on your Xbox 360?

When you power on your 360 and you get a complete ring of red flashing lights this may indicate an error with your AV lead. After ensuring the AV lead (lead connecting your 360 to your display) is plugged in, try using a different AV lead before sending your console into us.

Mobile Phone not charging?

If your phone seems to be dead and will not charge or turn on, try using a different charger. Chargers can blow fusses and become faulty, particularly third party chargers. We recommend using official chargers from your devices manufactures.

PS3 not showing on your display?

To reset the video output on your PS3, put the PS3 into stand-by (Just displaying a solid Red Light). Then press and hold the power button, it will beep once as it turns on then beep again after 5 seconds. After the second beep the output will be reset. This often needs to be done when changing from AV to HDMI connection.

Xbox 360 – E68 Error

If you power on your 360 to find it displays an E68 error screen, there may be an error with your hard-drive. Ensure your HDD is fully inserted before powering on; if the error is still present try powering on without your hard drive connected.

My Nintendo DS is not always reading games

When changing games on your DS, be sure to power down the device. They may not read games if they are inserted whilst the console is powered on. This is to save the system from becoming corrupted.

My Laptop is not installing software properly?

Often software needs your device to be restarted in order to fully function. It's a good idea to restart your laptop after you make any changes.


Here we have outlined some of the most frequent questions that we get asked about our services. If you have any questions about our services or any faults you are experiancing please feel free to contact us.

How do I pay for my repair?

Below you can find some frequently asked questions if you have any queries. You can also "Ask the Doc" using the form below if the information you require isn't listed.

You can pay via our secure website or you can pay over the phone with your credit/debit card, whichever you prefer. You only pay once the repair has been completed and your item has been fully tested to ensure that it is back to being fully functional.

How do I send my Device?

At Device Hospital we use the UPS courier service for all our shipping needs, to and from the customer. For more information or to read the Terms and conditions visit

How do I package my item?

The best way to package your item is to package it in the original box packed with a little bubble wrap to protect it. If you don't have the original box use a cardboard box that it a similar size to you item, again use bubble wrap to stop the item being damaged in transit. It's a good idea to cover your parcel in brown tape to mask what the package might contain.

What is your postal address?

Unit F
Homesdale Business Centre
Platt Industrial Estate
Maidstone Road
TN15 8JL

Do you have a Landline I can call I have a question?

Please call 01732 783152 between 10am – 5pm Mon – Fri with any questions you may have.

How quickly can I expect my Device back?

Once we receive an item it is usually repaired within 48 hours, it then goes into our quality control centre where it is fully tested. Only after we arehappy that the repair has been successful do we ship the item back to you. Our current average turn around time is 3 days.

The same fault on my device is faulty again how do I check if I'm still under warranty?

Log into your account, it has a list of all your repairs as well as when your warranty runs out. We keep a record of all repairs on our database, as well as emailing you your receipt.

We repair a full range of devices across many brands